Our Current Schedule

For those of you who participate at 
weeding work parties, Parks Victoria has cancelled them for the six-week Covid lock down. 

Join Us!
You don't have to be a FOSF member to join in - the weeds can't tell members from non-members.  And although we may have up to 6 "weeding parties" a month, there is no commitment to doing all of them if you join.  Just pick an event and come along with us to as many "parties" as you like. 

Mark these important dates on your calendar:

Dates for your diary - Weeding Parties
We work together selectively and gently removing weeds from the forest - plants which should not be there and which (if left unchecked) crowd out native flora. We usually have 5 - 15 members at our half-day weeding "parties" and non-members are encouraged to join us as well ! Everyone is welcome.   
Please note: There will not be any work parties held on days of severe weather warning or total fire ban days for the Central District.

For Project days please bring water, gloves and protective clothing, also something to eat and drink at tea break. Bring drilling and filling gear, mattocks, hand saws, pliers (to pull roots), secateurs and herbicide dabbers. We usually have spare tools with us for people who don't have their own.

Wandering Wednesday Weeders 

Due to the difficulty in finding suitable sites three to four months ahead of time, the Wednesday Weeders will decide where to work on a monthly basis. The work will consist mainly of follow-up hand weeding, usually at sites too small for a large group.

If you wish to be included in "The Wandering Wednesday Weeders ", regularly or occasionally, please send your email address to Vivien at m.freshwater@bigpond.com  . She will then let you know in advance where the work site will be scheduled.

Note these 2nd Wednesdays in your diary,  9:30-12:30 :

March 11

April 8 

May 13

June 10

Tuesday Mob 
The Tuesday Mob do heavier weeding, usually removing woody weeds with mattocks and saws, or drilling and filling weed trees with herbicide. We work from 09:00 every Tuesday morning for three to four hours and always have a tasty tea break. The venues for the Tuesday sessions vary from week to week.  
To obtain details, please feel free to email bincoll@melbpc.org.au
Saturday Schedule

Saturday 28 March – Project Afternoon – 1:30 pm Yanakie Site – Spear thistle, Cestrum, Sycamores, Chocolate Vine.

Saturday 25 April – Project Afternoon – 1:30 pm Trestle Bridge Site – Park off Belgrave Gembrook Road (C412) west of Bridge (Melway Map 75 H10) Cestrum,Thistles.

Saturday 23 May – Project Afternoon – 1:30 pm Yanakie Site – Meet at the junction of Welch Track and Coles Ridge Track via Old Monbulk Road (or Glen Harrow Heights Road) (Melway Map 75 H9) Spear thistle, Cestrum, Sycamores, Chocolate Vine.